How To Send Excel File As A Link

The intricacies of working with documents ensure that they are used efficiently and exchanged quickly. To a large extent, this efficiency is ensured by quality software that is used in the work of the company. There are many noteworthy options on today’s market that help in organizing the work process and fit into any budget. But the presence of software is not enough for high-quality work with documents – you also need to have some skills in handling them. Here are a few tips on how to send excel file as a link, in order to make the process of working with documentation as useful for each company as possible.

How to send a document as a link?

In order to make the document easy to send by any of the available ways of data exchange, it can be sent as an active link, and it can be done with documents of different formats. To do this, follow a few simple steps:

  • On the document in the upper left corner, click the “File” button and select the “Share” option;
  • Then go to the “Enter name or email address” field, where you need to specify the recipients’ email;
  • To specify the usage rights to the sent file, select the necessary options – for example, “Anyone with a link can edit,” uncheck or leave active the “Allow editing” box and confirm your actions by clicking the “Confirm” button;
  • Then click “Send” your recipients will receive a link to your document.

You can manage user rights to your document. Depending on the options you choose, recipients will either only be able to view the document on their device and not be able to make changes to it, or they can download it and make edits afterward, but in that case, the original file will still retain its original appearance.

What is excel spreadsheet security for?

The process of document exchange should not only be prompt but also secure. Modern software solutions are responsible for the efficiency of work with documents: data rooms, various office programs that not only create documents on the basis of ready-made templates but also quickly make changes to them or correct errors. Moreover, such programs work well not only on users’ stationary devices but on mobile ones as well, which makes the process of working with documents more accessible and efficient.

There are several ways to secure the documents exchange. To do this, you can use not only the security system of the programs you use but also the preliminary preparation of documents before sending. In particular, you can secure your documents by sending them as an active link. This not only protects the contents of your documents from tampering or preserving the information but also ensures quick delivery.

Sending documents as an active link is more convenient and safer for the document exchange process. But this method is not very convenient for instant editing – as a rule, users can only view such a file. Nevertheless, the main advantage of such way of exchange of documents is their security, which is a key indicator of the quality of work for modern companies.